Sydney – A Photo Essay

Sydney Wedding SOH 2-1 copyOh Sydney you are a pretty thing. We snuck away for a three day weekend in Sydney last week, leaving the kids with my mum for a few days to attend a wedding of a very dear school friend. It was so great to have a weekend away just the two of us, we ate yummy food, had numerous conversations without interruptions, slept in for the first time in forever and celebrated with friends. It felt like we put real life on pause for a few days, leaving our crazy busy jobs behind in Perth. Sydney is such a photogenic city and it was nice to be able to take photos with no time restrictions (like bored children!). The Sydney Opera House was looking particularly striking.

Sydney Wedding SOH 1-1 copy

Sydney Wedding SOH 4-1 copy

Sydney Wedding lach-1 copy

Patient husband letting me take lots of pics.

I also took my camera to the wedding we attended, it was such a beautiful and spiritual ceremony and reception, held in very leafy northern Sydney. The first thing you notice coming from Perth is how green everything is in NSW. The wedding was held at a family home and the garden was so pretty and decorated with mandalas made out of flowers and stones.

Sydney Wedding bottlebrush-1 copy

Sydney Wedding flower-1 copy

Sydney Wedding prayer bundle 2-1 copy

Sydney Wedding mandala-1 copy


Sydney Wedding mandala 2-1 copy

Sydney Wedding mandala 3-1 copy

Sydney Wedding mandala detail-1 copy

Sydney Wedding socks-1 copy

Guests were asked to wear pops of yellow.

Sydney Wedding prayer bundles-1 copy

Prayer bundles strung at the entrance to the wedding venue.

It’s been so long since we went to a wedding, and this was such a joyful and loving celebration. Three days was the perfect mini break, we were desperate to see the girls when we got home, though they had a ball without us!

x Katherine

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