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The ten minute wreath for time poor Christmas lovers – Tutorial

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Every year I am desperate to make a whole host of Christmas decorations and festive touches for the house and for gifts. Wreaths are always number one on my list but they’re often the thing I don’t end up doing as I run out of time. With Christmas only a few days away I decided I’d try and freestyle a quick and easy wreath. I’m so happy with the results I thought I’d share them with you. And if you’re anything like me you still have time to get this festive touch on your front door before the big day.

I had a vague idea in my head of what I wanted the wreath to look like and popped into a floral wholesaler on my way to work to buy the wreath base. The trick to this wreath is all in the base as the multiple rings give you a structure to insert your foliage without you needing to wire or tie each piece. I wanted to feature very simple foliage and used a silvery green eucalyptus that smells divine.

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This foliage is great as it has a bit of bend and flexibility in the branches. Start by selecting the largest branches and insert the bottom tip of the branch into the wire base and wrap your branch up around the circle. Poke some of the branch through the wire mid way up and again at the top to loosely secure it. Build up your wreath by using the largest branches first, overlapping them with the ones you’ve already placed. You want to make sure they are spread evenly along the frame with no major gaps.

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Once all the big branches are on the frame add a few smaller branches in the areas that look less covered. These can be poked through the wreath and wound up around and through the bottom branches to secure them. I like mine to be fairly rustic and a little wild.

Once you’ve finished adding the branches you can add some decorative elements. I’ve added some gum nuts, small pinecones and a gold spray painted plastic leaf. I tucked the bottom of the leaf into the wreath and didn’t need to secure it with any wire, but for the pine cones I’ve tied them on with fishing line so that you can’t see it. If your wreath isn’t feeling very secure you could tie a few sections with fishing line, just make sure you tuck some leaves over the wire or fishing line so that you can’t see it.

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My finished wreath ended up using two pieces of fishing line to secure the pinecones and another piece at the top to hang the wreath. The whole exercise took me 10 minutes and the wreath is now hanging on our front door.

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Now sit back and enjoy your handiwork!

x Katherine

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