2016 Thoughts and resolutions

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Are you a New Year’s resolution maker and keeper? I’m not a huge fan of rigid goals, though I think being reflective on the year that has been and taking stock of where you are going is a good thing. As I get older, and especially since I’ve become a mother, I find the years speed by way too quickly and I’m conscious of not wanting to waste a minute. My eldest daughter just turned five and will be making the move from part time kindergarten to full time school in 2016, and this is, of course, a bittersweet feeling. My baby is no longer a baby, and while I still have one cheeky 2.5yr old to chase after at home, I will miss spending as much time with my big girl.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about the things that I want to focus on in 2016, this blog is one of the big things. It’s been so long in the making and I have so many thoughts on the direction I want it to take that I want to put some time aside each week to think about it. And of course the inevitable top of any resolution list has to do with health doesn’t it? I won’t break with tradition and not include getting fit and healthy as part of my top things to focus on in 2016. For me I really want to look at eating less meat and less sugar and making time for some daily exercise.

The other big idea I’ve been turning over in my mind is about photography and a weekly photography project. Over the years I’ve tried daily photography challenges which have been fun but not something I have the time to commit to this coming year. In 2015 I started a weekly photography project that involved taking a photo each week of something that made me happy. I was doing so well at it, but halfway through the year Instagram added me to their suggested user list and at that point I started doubting whether this influx of new followers would like what I was posting. Looking back I wish I had stuck with it, my instagram feed is very much a reflection of what I like and what interests me, I’ve never really worried too much about posting things I know my followers will like and I wish I hadn’t fallen into that trap of self doubt.

I think I’m ready to tackle this project again in 2016 and hopefully see it to its conclusion at the end of the year. Originally I wanted to make a book of the photos I had taken in 2015 as part of my project and I’m going to carry that goal forward to 2016. I’m also going to link the photos to my blog, some weeks there may be more than one that I take and other weeks it will be a stretch to take one decent photo I can share. The overall aim is to try and take all my photos with my proper camera and to include as many moments of my daily life in 2016 as I can.

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There are a few other things on my resolution list above, from reading more blogs (something I used to do a lot more of!) to taking a ceramic course and printing off the last five years of photos sitting on my hard drive.

What’s on your resolution list for 2016? Are you starting a photography project? I’d love to hear what you have planned.

Happy New Year and I hope 2016 is a standout year for you.

x Katherine



4 thoughts on “2016 Thoughts and resolutions

  1. Kizzy

    Love your photography project idea. I shared my intentions for the year yesterday and one of them was to do something that makes me smile each week, maybe I could photograph it and share it too.


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