2016 in photos week 2/52


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Week 2 / 52 of my weekly photography project. This was going to be a fairly low key week as it was my last week of summer holidays before starting an intense period at work. However our slow week soon became pretty busy as I spontaneously decided to tackle toilet training my youngest daughter while also rearranging my house. The house rearranging was spurred on by the best roadside find I’ve ever come across! Driving back from my mum’s house in Dwellingup last week I chanced upon this gorgeous cabinet. With a bit of a clean it has come up really well. It’s a new favourite spot for vignette arranging, even my husband agreed it was worth stopping for. Which says a lot!


In addition to those two big projects Perth experienced crazy bushfires that burned out of control for four days. While bushfires at any time are worrying, these ones were very close to my dad’s house in a town called Myalup. We were due to visit him on the weekend but that trip was cancelled once the fires broke out. We spent a very anxious few days not knowing if the fires would reach his town or not, and my dad was determined to stay and defend (against our wishes I might add!). The fires came within 15km of his house, by which stage he thankfully left and went to the beach. We were so lucky that the weather conditions changed and their town was untouched. These kinds of events really highlight the sheer power of mother nature, and they also remind us of how incredible the men and women are who volunteer as fire fighters. They really are some of the bravest individuals, and so are their families, not knowing whether they would be harmed each time they were called out. I am in awe of them.

We’ve been lucky with some milder weather over the last few days which has allowed the fires to be contained, though they are not yet fully under control. We decided to take the girls to the beach for dinner on Sunday night after a tense few days and I had fun playing with a 50mm lens I didn’t realise we owned. The light was so pretty at the beach and the girls were obliging me by staying still for a few photos.

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