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Inspiration and the making of an image

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Are you addicted to Pinterest? I was a mad pinner when it first launched, though this was before I became addicted to Instagram. When I discovered Instagram I reasoned that I could only handle one social media addiction at a time and something had to give. So I said goodbye to all those DIYs I pinned for joining crochet squares, sewing quilts and designing impressive birthday cakes and channelled all my spare time into composing photos to be shared in square format.

In the last few months I’ve rekindled my love of Pinterest, and check in every week or so to see what’s doing the rounds, or if I’m looking for a quick inspiration hit.

Lately I’ve been enjoying pinning plants and greenery to a board I’ve been really original in naming Greenery. I can’t get enough green and white together at the moment, either by bringing plants inside or through imagery using those colours.

It was while I was skimming through Pinterest picking up bits of green and white here and there that I got an idea in my mind for a composition I wanted to put together and photograph. For me there are two ways that I come up with ideas – either I have a prop, like a teacup or some fresh flowers that I want to play with, and I just play around with no specific idea in mind until something works. Or alternatively, I set out with an idea in mind that I want to create, usually sparked by something I’ve seen either online or while flipping through a magazine. When I created the image above it was a combination of both methods. I had been given this beautiful ceramic platter from my mother for Christmas and I really wanted to use it in a composition. I also really wanted a pop of green and white in my Instagram feed. I started to gather bits and pieces as I walked through the house, a few postcards I’d been sent or collected, some vintage green cotton reels and some beautifully weathered pegs. I decided the contrast of the contemporary ceramic platter with the vintage props would work well. I also had one of my favourite flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, growing in the garden and that would provide my fresh pop of green. I knew I’d probably only share the image on Instagram so I decided to use my iphone for the photo rather than my camera. I think flatlays are much easier to compose using the iphone and the quality is generally pretty good.

I was really happy with the first image I took, but thought I would also try one photo without the ceramic platter below. As it turns out I like them both equally.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I find Pinterest a really good tool to gather inspiration, I’ve shot a few images for other people recently and it has been helpful to make a board that I can share with them to show the type of image I’m hoping to create.  Who do you follow on Pinterest? I’d love to find some great boards or pinners to follow, come and say hello over there if you feel like it Katherine Dorrington

x Katherine

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