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2016 in Photos – Week 3/52

Week 3 of my year long photography project to challenge myself to use my camera is all about the flowers. So many flowers this week.

Week 3-52 Blog Queen Anne's Lace-1

Work is starting to really heat up for me, it’s a challenge having my busiest time of year right in the middle of summer holidays. I wasn’t sure I’d take any photos on my proper camera this week but my mum saved the day by dropping over two beautiful armfuls of roses, dahlias and zinnias on Sunday afternoon. It inspired me to pick the camera up for 20 mins in between organising the washing and cooking dinner for the girls. It’s amazing how that 20 mins of creativity can recharge you for the week. I used two different lens for these photos, I swapped between a 50mm and my macro lens and despite it being an overcast day I was really happy with the clarity in these photos.

Week 3-52 Dahlia 2-1

Week 3-52 Dahlia 5-1

Week 3-52 roses 1-1

Week 3-52 roses 2-1

Week 3-52 roses-1

Week 3-52 Zinnia-1

Week 3-52 Dahlia 4-1

I hope you are having a flower filled week.

x Katherine

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