2016 in Photos Week 4/52

Week 4-52 grass 6-1

Week 4 of my weekly photography project was all about the beach. We spent a very relaxing two nights on the coast, it was the perfect short get away. We felt completely disconnected from normal life, the girls had a great time swimming in the ocean, collecting shells and watching the sunset.

Week 4-52 e sunset-1

While the girls splashed in the waves and Lach and my dad fished, I scampered up the dunes to take some pics of the pretty twilight sky. It was great fun playing around with landscape photos, a nice change from the flowers and still life pics I spend most of my time photographing.

Week 4-52 grass moon-1

Week 4-52 grasses-1

Week 4-52 grass 5-1

I think this will be the last proper weekend for the next month as work gears up for me. I manage a writers festival that happens in mid February. It’s a funny feeling working all year on an event and getting to this stage of the year when you’re waiting for it to happen – the anticipation is extreme! On the one hand I need more time to get everything done, there are hundreds of contracts to write and schedules to send over the next three weeks, but the other part of me says bring it on, let’s just get on with it now! There’s only so much planning you can do and it becomes easier to deal with things as they happen, less choices to make and you just have to get on with it. It’s exciting also to think of the authors that will start converging on Perth, and the audiences members who are planning their schedule of events.

I’m lucky to have such a creative day job and while it can be frustrating to miss most of summer, there is a real thrill in seeing something come together the way this does. I was explaining my working cycle to someone the other day and how it is the perfect combination of left and right brain activity. I spend half of my year dreaming and reading, plotting and planning and once the program is confirmed I very quickly switch to operational mode – spreadsheets and checklists, numbers and data sets. And then there is this one crazy week when you exist purely on adrenaline, you don’t sleep for days and you ride a wave of excitement as all those events you dreamed up come together so perfectly and the writers share their incredible creativity…

But first I have a few more contracts I better finish writing…

x Katherine


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