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2016 in Photos Week 5/52

Week 5-52 dahlias-1

Week 5 of my weekly photography project to use my camera this year. I wasn’t sure I would even pick up my camera this week, life just escalated to a new level of business. My gorgeous five year old started full time school (sob, sob) and we all adjusted to me working full time. What a week. I’ve been working late into the night finishing artist contracts and trying to tie up all the loose ends before the Festival kicks off in a few weeks.

Week 5-52 E first day school-1

I was so proud of this beauty for starting her full time school life excited and with no tears. This is a big turning point for us both, last year I had to peel her off me when she started Kindergarten. She is so much more confident than last year, she has a gorgeous group of friends who she loves hanging out with and her wonderful teachers have made the transition so easy. My sister and I made the much agonised over decision to separate our girls into different classes this year so they would find their own voices and have confidence without each other (they are as thick as thieves and spend a LOT of time together). I worried about this on and off over the summer but both girls took it in their stride and thankfully their classrooms are right next to each other.

Week 5-52 magpie-1

This morning we had some visitors on our back deck, a young magpie and his parents checking out the backyard and singing to us. The girls though it was fantastic, the dog was not so sure! This little guy brought back some lovely memories from my childhood – of feeding friendly maggies that would visit us each day for bits of sausage or other kitchen scraps.

Week 5-52 purple dahlia-1

My mum dropped off two armfuls of dahlias from her garden this week, so many beautiful colours and varieties. I wish I had more time to faff with them, but I managed a few quick photos. I wasn’t sure I would have any photos or any words to share this week but I managed to find both more easily than I thought, and with it a few moments just for me.

x Katherine

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