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2016 in Photos weeks 6,7,8 – 52

week 7-52 silouhettes-1

The last three weeks have passed in a blur for me. The Festival has started and is in full swing, though my part finished up last Sunday. What a ride it’s been, crazy highs and surviving on adrenaline running around juggling schedules, events and authors. Now I’m catching up on sleep and spending time with my girls who have glued themselves to a leg each and won’t let me out of their sight.

Miraculously I managed to continue my weekly photography project during this time, but I’m only just getting a chance to look at the photos I took now. One week I only took two photos and they’re not great, but here they are…

Week 6 – the week that provided pretty much zero opportunities to get my camera out. Thankfully I had a few flowers kicking around the house I could photograph, but I’m not happy with either of these so let’s skim past quickly.

week 6-52 hydrangea-1 week 6-52 yellow-1

Week 7 – the week that PIAF opened! Crazy busy weekend, but I took a few photos of bunting and dusky skies at the Festival’s opening concert. My mum also brought me a bucket of homegrown dahlias and I took 20 mins to play around with them and take a few photos. This 20 min break was so beneficial for my state of mind, it allowed me a few minutes breather and focus on myself when work was feeling all consuming.

week 7-52 bunting-1 week 7-52 dahlia pink-1 week 7-52 dahlia stripes-1 week 7-52 dahlia vase-1 week 7-52 silouhettes 2-1

Week 8 – Perth Writers Festival weekend! The ONLY opportunities for photos were at a couple of Festival events but I managed a few and it seems appropriate that they form part of my weekly record.

week 8-52 brochures-1 week 8-52 bunting-1

Only one more week of photos to download and I’m up to date. I can’t believe February is over! It’s always a whirlwind for me but I’m looking forward to a slow start to Autumn, a few more warm days and a visit to the beach before it becomes too cold to swim.

x Katherine


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