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week 10 - pink roses 2-1

Let’s talk about Instagram. It’s my favourite place to while away any spare time I have and one of the things I love most about IG is the incredibly supportive community you find there. This year I will have been an active ‘grammer for three years and during that time I’ve followed lots of hubs and challenges looking to extend my photo taking skills. But my favourite of all the communities I belong to is its_my_week.

There are a few reasons I love this hub so much.  Firstly, and most importantly I guess, is that I am one of the co-hosts of this weekly challenge. There are fifteen of us who share hosting duties and the way our group works is that we take turns hosting a week in rotation. This week I’m hosting and the theme I’ve chosen is #myweekofslowliving. We ask people to spend the week sharing new photos that relate to this theme and we then feature images that catch our eye during the week.

It’s great having a week to explore a theme, this means that you can play with ideas or techniques in more detail than if you were participating in a daily challenge. I found when I was doing a photo a day challenge in the past that some days I wouldn’t have time to take any photos while there was light left. Because there are 15 of us and we choose our own theme for the week we host, it means the variety of themes is huge. We’ve covered everything from photography techniques (such as composition, depth of field, abstract photography) to colours. Some weeks are really challenging, particularly if the theme is out of your comfort zone, but the community that belongs to this hub is very supportive of people trying new things.

One of the other things I love about our hub is that it is a great source of inspiration. I’m constantly blown away by how many incredible photographers there are who take part each week. When I’m hosting I usually find a handful of new accounts each time to follow as a result of scrolling the hashtag. So if you are in need of some new inspiring accounts to follow go check out the Its_my_week page and some of the features we showcase.

This week we are focusing on slow living, taking a moment to stop and appreciate the small details in these hectic lives of ours. This is one of the grids that I made from images that were tagged to the hashtag #myweekofslowliving, if you get a chance check out their beautiful accounts: @_susandrea_@agata_louie@nan_iga@poppybarach


Do you know the best bit about hosting with its_my_week? It’s the seriously amazing co-hosts that I share this experience with. These ladies are the bees knees. For real.  Since we started this hub almost two years ago we chat daily about everything from our families to our jobs to things that make us laugh or cry. We spend a lot of time on whatsapp checking in with each other, having emoji conversations, and inspiring one another. While we are spread across the globe I have had the privilege of meeting the other Aussie hosts last year and I’m sure it is only a matter of time before we coordinate a global instameet for the whole group.

x Katherine


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  1. Janan

    Ah this has brought tears to my eyes my dear.
    Gorgeous. And I couldn’t agree more. It’s a wonderful community and I’m constantly inspired.


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