Currently Reading – Magazines Part One

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A small confession between friends – I am a complete and utter magazine addict. I have even been known to sneak them into the house so that I can avoid inevitable rolled eyes from my husband. There are so many fantastic magazines out there and for me they represent the ultimate way to relax – small bites of visual inspiration and articles that I have time to read in between answering my mini tyrants’ continual calls for food.

Over a couple of posts I thought I’d share with you some of the magazines that grab my attention each month. My absolute number one favourite is an Australian magazine called Country Style. I’ve been reading this for years and it is still my go to place for inspiring photography, beautiful houses and interesting articles. As its name suggests the key focus of this publication is Australian country living. It is usually filled with gorgeous florals and beautiful gardens and I find the styling to be fresh and inspiring each month. I love discovering more about rural and country Australia each month and I usually have a list of places to add to my travel bucket list.

Favourite Feature: discovering new artisans or makers each issue.

Bonus Feature: they have a great book review section. currently reading mags 3-1

For interiors inspiration my go to magazine is Inside Out. I love the clean light and bright homes they feature each month. This is another Australian magazine and it really appeals to my aesthetic. We’re looking at buying a new house next year and there are lots of drool worthy renovation ideas that are making it onto my wishlist. I love the interesting houses they profile and the peek they give us into the way other people style their houses. These houses are all incredibly beautiful but they are houses that people live in, not display homes and so there is a wide range of styles featured.

Favourite Feature: each issue shares the perspectives of designers, builders, architects, owners etc so there is high end as well as practical advice.

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When I need to slow down a little I dip into UK publication The Simple Things. This is such a lovely publication and really has a focus on all aspects of seasonal and slow living. I’ve just read the Easter edition (pictured below) and I’m going to try my hand at their hot cross bun recipe tomorrow. Even though I’m reading this in Autumn and the Northern hemisphere is embracing Spring there is still much that is relevant to me. This magazine has such a beautiful mix of all aspects of daily life, from cooking to gardening, making and doing. There are so many projects that I want to do each month…if only I had more time! There are so many artisan makers that I find in this magazine that I often spend my time googling as I read.

Favourite Feature: the gorgeous recipes.

Bonus Feature: the monthly feature ‘my day in cups of tea’.

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And my final suggestion for Part One of my magazine reading list is one of the more unique magazines I’ve found – Flow Magazine. Billed as a magazine for paper lovers this wonderful publication also embraces positive living and inspiration more than any other publication I read. There are beautiful quotes about being positive and generous of spirit that sit along some of the most divine illustrations from illustrators around the world. This is a Dutch magazine and the monthly edition is in Dutch, but they publish a quarterly English version and it really is a beautiful artefact to hold in your hands. There are so many bonus bits and pieces that come with the magazine, from beautiful post cards to posters and paper bunting. Keep your eyes out for their Flow Book for Paper Lovers that appears every now and then. This is jam packed full of stunning paper goods.

Favourite Feature: the incredible illustrators that make this magazine a piece of art to hold in your hands.

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I’ll finish part one of this reading guide here but I’ll be back soon with the next installment of my magazine must haves.

x Katherine



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