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Week 9,10,11,12 – 2016 In Photos

week 9 - cosmos-1

Isn’t funny how when you are really busy you can get through so much more – whether it’s work or life. But once you slow down it becomes so much harder to build momentum. The last few weeks have been like that for me. Coming off the back of a crazy busy period at work and home, I have really adopted the slow living approach to life lately. It’s been wonderful having some time at home, but I haven’t really achieved much at all except for a relaxed state of being. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing every now and then. I think as a general rule I’m a pretty calm individual, but February was a real test for me. I could feel my anxiety levels increasing and it was doable knowing that I had a very relaxed March on the horizon to look forward to.

What this has meant is that I’ve had no energy or desire to spend much time here, building my blog or interacting with social media. I’ve kept up the bare minimum and continued taking my weekly photo, but the thought of uploading the photos was too much. A couple of times I’ve thought about abandoning this weekly photography project, it’s been so tempting not to have this self imposed deadline hanging over my head. But I really really want to print a little book of my weekly photos at the end of the year and so I’ve pushed on.  I’m happy to say that I’m back with renewed energy now. And so it’s time to update the backlog of photos I’ve taken over the last four weeks.

Week 9 is the Cosmos flower pictured above. We have them growing in the garden and I love to see their pretty faces catching the sun. Week 10 saw my mum drop off a load of pink roses and I played with them in the fading light of the day, catching the last sun. I’m a big fan of this pretty pale pink paired with the turquoise cabinet in our hallway. We also did a fair bit of work in the garden that week and planted this pretty little purple rock daisy below.

week 10 - pink roses 5-1

week 10 - pink roses-1

week 10 - purple flowers-1

For week 11 I had a few hours to myself and decided to go for a drive to the coast. As I was about to park this paraglider sailed past me close to the ground. In an unbelievable stroke of luck I had my camera sitting on the front seat next to me and I spent ten minutes taking photos as he glided back and forth along the coast. It was a really beautiful and serene moment and I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I then took myself down to Fremantle, and searched for old buildings to photograph. I love the image below of a window for its interesting lines and tones.

Week 11 - cottesloe paraglider-1

Week 11 - Fremantle window-1

Week 12 - Roses-1

And week 12 is the image above of some tightly curled pale pink roses. I found this incredible old baking tray at a second hand shop during the week. I’ve been looking for a beaten up metal tray to use as a photography backdrop for a while and when I stumbled past this I knew it was meant for me. I love the contrast of the pale pink with the icy metallic blue.

That’s the last four weeks up to date, and as I’ve typed this I’ve remembered how much I enjoy the journal quality this project has for me.

x Katherine

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  1. KiZzy

    Such beautiful photos. I shared a similar post with one weeks worth of snapshots and since I thought I had lost my photography mojo, I was really pleased with it. I’m hoping it’s back to stay. Hope your posting is back too.


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