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How do you Instagram?

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So how do you enjoy your daily instagram hit? I generally scroll my feed twice a day, once in the morning after I’ve woken up (children’s sleep permitting) and once when the kidlets are in bed for the evening and my hubby is cooking me dinner (I know, I’m pretty lucky with the meal prep distribution in our house!). I like to see what’s happened overnight from my international friends and accounts I follow, and then I catch up on the Aussie action in the evening. And occasionally I check in at different points during the day if I’m feeling in need of some inspiration. I honestly could be on instagram all day if I didn’t have a job to attend to and small children to interact with! This twice daily ‘check-in’ works for me and I feel I’m present enough to catch up with my online friends, but also present in my ‘real life’ too.

Instagram is my preferred social media. I spend more time creating posts or checking out my feed than I do on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest combined. I find the interface easy to use and I’m a big fan of the chronological feed, I hate to think I miss posts from the friends I follow and I will usually scroll my feed until I’ve caught up with the last post I saw.

If you’re an instaddict like me you would have heard the news by now that Instagram is changing the algorithm so that our feeds will no longer be chronological. This means that posts will show up by relevance to you, as determined by Instagram. It will be similar to the way that Facebook works, however I don’t think it will be as bad. Instagram, while owned by Facebook, seems to care more about the user experience than Facebook does. I’m really hoping that they will listen to community feedback once this is introduced, and if it’s not working that maybe they will tweak it. One can dream…

I was really anti this change when it was first announced. The main issue for me is that I follow accounts because I want to see their posts, and I know that by scrolling my feed I won’t miss any of them. Now I have to trust an algorithm that it will correctly determine what I want to see. I also love the real time aspect of Instagram and this will change with the new system as posts are sorted by relevance and not by time of posting.

The thing I worry about the most is that some of the accounts that don’t have major followings will get lost in the mix with this new way of ordering things as accounts that have a high number of followers will be deemed ‘more popular’ by the algorithm. However, I guess change is inevitable and until the new system is introduced we are just speculating on how things will work.

I think it’s safe to say that the best way of getting your account noticed is to be consistent in the type of images you post, definitely quality over quantity. Other than that I’m really not going to change the way that I do things. I really dislike the idea of being strategic in my posting – instagram is all about the interaction and community for me, not posting at certain times of the day to gain more followers or likes. It does mean that you will need to interact more with the accounts that you love – if you are not liking their pics or leaving comments the algorithm will consider your lack of interaction when it determines what you want to see more of. I must admit that there are many accounts I follow that I don’t interact with, either because they have a ridiculously large number of followers and I feel one little like by me won’t really matter, or I don’t have a personal connection with them. I’m trying to embrace the opportunity that this change brings to be more interactive with the accounts that I follow, and to also engage more with the people that follow me. I find it hard to respond to many of the comments I get due to time, but it’s really something I want to do more of.

I’ve seen a lot of people asking their followers to turn on notifications for their account so that when they post an image their followers will get a notification about it. Personally I find the notifications to be really annoying. My phone is busy enough during the day as it is without adding in notifications for the 300 accounts I follow. I think this only really works if you limit the number of accounts you want to receive notifications for. Perhaps picking a top five must see accounts is the way to go with this otherwise the constant pinging of your phone will drive you insane.

No doubt this change will be an adjustment and we will find different ways of interacting with the accounts we really love. I think hashtags are going to be more important than ever to find interesting accounts to follow. There are so many great hashtags out there and it’s a heap of fun to join in with some of them. Some of my favourites are:

I also host a regular Friday hashtag too called #fridayfaffingcompetition and each week when I scroll the tag I find so many interesting accounts and an abundance of beautiful photos. Check out some of these lovely hashtags if you are in need of some inspiring new accounts to follow.

x Katherine



One thought on “How do you Instagram?

  1. Vickie

    Instagram is definitely my favourite social media. I generally scroll through my feed sometime in the morning, then either through the day or in the evening when I usually post (depends on the day). I like to go back to the last post I saw too :)
    I love joining in with hashtags (including friday faffing) – I regularly use/look at a number of the ones you mentioned, plus #itsmyweek :)


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