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week 13 & 14 – 2016 in photos

I can’t believe Easter has come and gone and all of a sudden we are a quarter of the way through the year! How did that happen? Wouldn’t it be nice to press pause for a little while. Over the last few weeks I’ve had ample opportunity to get the camera out, I foraged this beautiful magnolia with mum before Easter and I played around with some different shots, moody and dramatic and simple and clean.

Week 13 Magnolia dark-1 

Week 13 magnolia 3-1

Easter was early this year but Autumn has definitely arrived. These beautiful leaves were out in full force at my mum’s place down in Dwellingup.

Week 14 autumn leaves 4-1 Week 14 autumn leaves-1 Week 14 Coco Easter-1

We hunted for easter eggs, dressed up as bunnies and ate way too much chocolate.

Week 14 bunnies 2-1 Week 14 bunnies 4-1 Week 14 bunnies-1 Week 14 bunny tail-1

Week 14 grass 2-1

I raided my mum’s garden for armfuls of pretty blooms and gazed longingly at her Japanese windflowers that refuse to grow in my garden in Perth. Week 14 Wildflowers on cupboard-1Week 14 windflowers 3-1 Week 14 windflowers 6-1

I hope you had a lovely Easter.

x Katherine

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