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week 21 - coco birthday-1

My baby turned three on Sunday. What a bittersweet moment that was. She was super excited to be turning ‘free and cementing her status as a big girl. She requested a cake that was half chocolate, half strawberry and half ‘nilla (vanilla) and I went into cake making overdrive. I stayed up half the night making my take on a three layered neapolitan cake. It was so worth the late night when she saw it the next morning. She was as proud as punch of her birthday cake and pretty excited to show it off.

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She is so deliciously cuddly this daughter of mine. She tells me multiple times a day that she loves me and she likes to sidle up for a cuddle often. She still has that adorable squishy toddler feel, but it won’t last for much longer. As she is my second child I’ve made a conscious effort to stay in the present as much as I can. My first daughter seemed to grow in front of my very eyes and I would eagerly anticipate each new milestone and the skills and change it would bring. The second time round I really tried not to focus on any of those development milestones and instead just enjoyed every second as it happened. But birthdays are a bit different, they are that moment when we take stock and consider just how quickly time is passing – and I have to say this baby of mine is turning into a beautiful big girl.

Potterbarn Kids 2-1

As she is such a big girl I thought it was time to give her bedroom a big girl makeover. She shares a room with her older sister and they have pretty similar taste – anything purple, girly and feminine is right up their alley. When the lovely team at Potterybarn Kids reached out to see if I would be interested in trying some of their bed linen I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve been a fan of their products for ages. My mum bought the girls the sweetest little Potterybarn Kids vanity for their room at Christmas and it has become a very well loved addition to their room.

I’m not a matchy matchy decorator, I like a bit of a stylish mishmash when it comes to fabrics and colours. My favourite interiors combine a mix of vintage, industrial and feminine styling and for the girls I chose sheets, doona covers and quilts in colours I knew would appeal to them, in a variety of patterns. Both of the doona covers have reversible patterns and, just quietly, I think think this is a brilliant idea for kids’ decorating, particularly considering how hard wearing children are on their bed covers. Or is that just mine?

It was so much fun styling their room and surprising them with a little makeover. Needless to say they love their new look and there wasn’t even any fighting over who got what colour/pattern etc. A small miracle.

Potterbarn Kids 5-1

Potterbarn Kids 7-1

Potterbarn Kids 4-1

Potterbarn Kids 9-1

Potterbarn Kids 3-1

Potterbarn Kids 12-1

Potterbarn Kids 16-1

You may have noticed from a few of these photos that we have a bit of a soft spot for stuffed animals and books in our house…I swear they are multiplying!

x Katherine

2 thoughts on “Mini Room Makeover

  1. Rose Northwood ( née Vlahov)

    Love your girls’ room and congrats on your wining vignettes – so talented like your mum. I remember going to your family’s book shop and admiring the gorgeous displays which were always accompanied by beautiful flowers. You look so much like your mum looked when we were at Guildford Primary
    (However, I was quite a bit older than you). X

  2. Olena

    Dear Katherine, finally made it to our beautiful blog filled with love and sweet things! Happy belated Birthay to your gorheous affectionate little girl! She is an absolutel delight and you put it so well- focusing on now and sweet cuddles and amazed glance rather than the milestones. It’s seems to be the same in our family and our little one is the cuddliest girl one could imagine:). The rooms turned out so fabulously fresh, modern, stylish and yet cozy and warm filled with comfort and special friends (books and such) .. Best nurturing nest ever!


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