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Week 26 – 2016: a photo essay from Exmouth

week 26-52 Exmouth from the air-1

It’s hard to believe we are past the halfway point of the year isn’t it? We’ve got a very busy second half of the year ahead and I’m taking a bit of time over the next week to think about what I want to achieve in the next 6 months as I know the time is going to fly by.

I’m really happy I’ve managed half a year of my weekly photography project. There have been a few times where I’ve almost faltered but thankfully I’ve pulled through. It seems fitting that the halfway point for this project is a series of photos I took while we were away in Exmouth. 

It was my first time travelling to that part of the country and the landscapes are epic. The thing that hit me first was the vastness of the space and the lack of people. This holiday was a family trip, we met my sister and her family as well as some friends and their kids up there and the focus was on swimming, snorkelling and playing at the beach. We fulfilled those goals easily but it meant that I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked. Unfortunately often the best time for dramatic photos coincides with breakfast or dinner and little people who don’t understand why they should wait for food because mummy wants to play with her camera.

week 26-52 Exmouth gorge rocks bnw-1

week 26-52 Exmouth turquoise bay-1

exmouth grasses-1

exmouth mike fishing -1 exmouth sky-1

week 26-52 Exmouth gorge rocks-1

Week 26-52 rock wallabies-1

I managed a few photos but they don’t do justice to the scale of the landscape. We were so excited to see some Rock Wallabies in one of the gorges, you can spot them in the photo above. This is definitely an area I want to go back to explore. The wildlife is incredible, we snorkelled with turtles and saw a wonderful array of sea creatures. Next time we are definitely swimming with whale sharks!

x Katherine

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