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With Flowers in her Hand

Week 3 - garden rose coco hand 3-1

So January, you’re almost over already! Feels like we’ve only just begun… I’m writing this while watching the Australian Open. One of my favourite ways to spend a Summer evening is with a cider in one hand, scrolling my Instagram feed with the other and the tennis playing in the background.  The ultimate in relaxation, pretending I don’t have a mountain of Festival contracts to write and process. But let’s not talk about that!

Three weeks into the start of 2017 and I’ve already recalibrated one of my projects for the year. I’ve realised a weekly gardening update is wildly ambitious and totally unrealistic. Hmmm probably should have thought that one through a bit better! There’s just not enough photographic material to sustain a weekly project, instead I’m going to focus on a monthly round up of our garden transformation. Much easier to show the progress we are making and it will be great to look back on each month to see what we achieved without it feeling like a chore to update weekly.

The girls and I had an impromptu photo shoot with some of the roses that are flowering from the 15 or so we planted over the last few weeks. My gorgeous eldest daughter is all about the serious pose at the moment, while the youngest adopts the fake cheesy grin that most 3 year olds do. We had so much fun taking these photos that I think I’ll start a new occasional series called With Flowers In Her Hand. Here are a few of the images we took:

Week 3 - garden rose Essie 2-1

Week 3 - garden roses Coco hand-1

Week 3 - garden rose Essie-1

I love the chubby hand of my three year old, I’m finding it hard to come to terms with her starting 4 year old kindy in a week. I’m not ready, she’s still my baby as well as my little companion. I love our days together,  we visit all the coffee shops in Perth on my days off, I’m not sure either of us is ready to give that up yet! I will miss her funny comments and loving nature. While I know she will be fine once she adapts to her new routine, I’m not a huge fan of schooling this early. Three and a half just seems too young to hand her over to the school system. Sigh.

This month has been focused on keeping life slow, a struggle given how busy work is for me. But important for our family as we settle into our new house and the girls start a new school in a week. I’ve been reading a bit about the cult of busyness lately and the idea really resonates with me. Time to stop glorifying being busy and instead celebrate quiet moments.

Week 3 - garden rose KD Hand-1

And on that note I’m going to switch off and read some of my book.

x Katherine



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