2018 – new year, new intentions

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So here we are, at the beginning of a fresh year. It’s a great feeling to have the whole year stretching out in front of us, all that unrealised potential.  Are you a resolutions type? Or more laid back with your plans? I’ve started this year feeling really optimistic about what I want to achieve. I’ve spent the last two weeks rolling a few ideas around in my head and getting a feel for what I want to focus on.

Resolutions have been getting a bad rap of late, for being unrealistic and putting too much pressure on ourselves to achieve them. I’m taking a slightly different approach this year and setting goals for the year, but also trying to narrow my thoughts down to a weekly goal/s or something I want to achieve.

And to make sure that I’m accountable for my goals this year I’m committing them to writing in a public space (oh hello long neglected blog!) so there is an added incentive to keep working on them (read: I need you guys to keep me honest!).

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So first and foremost on my list of intentions is:


It’s a big year for me this year, I turn the dreaded 40. I’ve had a couple of years to get used to the idea as my hubby turned 40 two years ago, and I’m trying to stay positive about this midway point of my life rapidly approaching on the horizon. Of course this type of milestone is confronting, all of a sudden all that time that stretched out in front of you seems like it now has a limit. I think this is particularly true with young kids, I am acutely aware of making every day with them count. While I hope to be around to see their babies have babies, life really is short and we need a couple of lifetimes to achieve all that we wish.

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The time has come to shift this baby weight (particularly since my babies are no longer babies). I want to approach 40 feeling fit and fabulous, able to take on a running race with my kids and win! And to reacquaint myself with some of my favourite clothes that have been pushed to the side for a while.


We spent a lot of money on our house last year finishing the kitchen, which we knew we needed to do when we bought it. We love the new kitchen and it has transformed our house into a home. Next on our wish list is to tackle the backyard. Our grand plan is to landscape the back and put in a pool. Because my husband insists that a pool is a quintessential element of growing up in Australia <insert eyeroll>. While I think that is a rather hilarious statement, he has managed to persuade me that we need a pool. So now I’ve jumped aboard the Barefoot Investor cult (seriously though, what a great book that is!) and I’m doing my best to stop spending money on crap I don’t need. Though I’m not giving up my flowers, he will just have to deal with that one. Joking aside, I have been thinking a lot about being mindful in all areas of my life, and buying with intention is one area that I’m keen to make a difference. It scares me how disposable our lifestyles are these days, from coffee cups to appliances.

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This is a big one for me, and I hope that by pushing myself to learn more in areas that I love (such as photography and gardening) it will have a big impact on all aspects of my life. I’ve decided this year is the one to embrace photoshop, there is so much I want to add to my photography through editing that it is time I pushed my irrational fear of photoshop aside and welcome all the sweet editing skills it can offer me. I also have ‘tackle Pinterest’ on my list – I loved Pinterest when it first launched but then I went down the rabbit hole of Instagram and didn’t keep up with the growth of Pinterest. I’m hoping I haven’t missed the boat with that one!

The other big part of pushing myself creatively is to really make an effort to blog more often. I have a fortnightly project I’m about to kick off to help do this and I can’t wait to share that with you soon.

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So that’s my round up of what I hope the year ahead holds for me. I hope you’re feeling excited by what you can achieve this year. I’ve set myself the word TRANSFORM as my word of 2018 and I can’t wait to see how that pans out over the next 12 months.



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