Hello, I’m Katherine.

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web, I’m new here and still very much learning as I go. I’ve wanted to write a blog for years and late in 2015 I decided to (finally!) seize the moment.

I spend half my week reading books for my day job programming a literary festival in Perth, Western Australia. The other half of the week is a complete change of pace as I stay at home with my two gorgeous girls who are 2.5 and 5. The juggle keeping both parts of my life functioning smoothly is challenging but enjoyable.

Things I love include photography, making and creating, listening to my children giggle and flowers. Lots and lots of flowers! Many are from my garden but I also indulge myself with flowers I can’t grow, such as glorious peonies.

Have a look around and say hello if you’d like.

x Katherine