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How do you Instagram?

March 28, 2016

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So how do you enjoy your daily instagram hit? I generally scroll my feed twice a day, once in the morning after I’ve woken up (children’s sleep permitting) and once when the kidlets are in bed for the evening and my hubby is cooking me dinner (I know, I’m pretty lucky with the meal prep distribution in our house!). I like to see what’s happened overnight from my international friends and accounts I follow, and then I catch up on the Aussie action in the evening. And occasionally I check in at different points during the day if I’m feeling in need of some inspiration. I honestly could be on instagram all day if I didn’t have a job to attend to and small children to interact with! This twice daily ‘check-in’ works for me and I feel I’m present enough to catch up with my online friends, but also present in my ‘real life’ too. read more

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Fluid Ink Letterpress visit

March 22, 2016

Fluid Ink 2-1

I have loved letterpress for as long as I’ve known it’s existed. In fact, I love all things to do with paper and stationery. But letterpress is special. There is something about the tactile quality it has, coupled with its elegance, that really appeals to me. And as it turns out, I’m not alone in loving letterpress as it’s had a bit of a revival over the last 5 – 10 years, particularly for wedding invites and stationery. When I was looking at wedding invites for my wedding 6 years ago I became obsessed with getting the invites printed by a letterpress printer. I ended up getting them designed in Canada and printed in Melbourne as there were not many letterpress printers in Perth at the time.

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Week 9,10,11,12 – 2016 In Photos

March 20, 2016

week 9 - cosmos-1

Isn’t funny how when you are really busy you can get through so much more – whether it’s work or life. But once you slow down it becomes so much harder to build momentum. The last few weeks have been like that for me. Coming off the back of a crazy busy period at work and home, I have really adopted the slow living approach to life lately. It’s been wonderful having some time at home, but I haven’t really achieved much at all except for a relaxed state of being. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing every now and then. I think as a general rule I’m a pretty calm individual, but February was a real test for me. I could feel my anxiety levels increasing and it was doable knowing that I had a very relaxed March on the horizon to look forward to.

What this has meant is that I’ve had no energy or desire to spend much time here, building my blog or interacting with social media. I’ve kept up the bare minimum and continued taking my weekly photo, but the thought of uploading the photos was too much. A couple of times I’ve thought about abandoning this weekly photography project, it’s been so tempting not to have this self imposed deadline hanging over my head. But I really really want to print a little book of my weekly photos at the end of the year and so I’ve pushed on.  I’m happy to say that I’m back with renewed energy now. And so it’s time to update the backlog of photos I’ve taken over the last four weeks.

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2016 in Photos weeks 6,7,8 – 52

February 29, 2016

week 7-52 silouhettes-1

The last three weeks have passed in a blur for me. The Festival has started and is in full swing, though my part finished up last Sunday. What a ride it’s been, crazy highs and surviving on adrenaline running around juggling schedules, events and authors. Now I’m catching up on sleep and spending time with my girls who have glued themselves to a leg each and won’t let me out of their sight.

Miraculously I managed to continue my weekly photography project during this time, but I’m only just getting a chance to look at the photos I took now. One week I only took two photos and they’re not great, but here they are…

Week 6 – the week that provided pretty much zero opportunities to get my camera out. Thankfully I had a few flowers kicking around the house I could photograph, but I’m not happy with either of these so let’s skim past quickly.

week 6-52 hydrangea-1 week 6-52 yellow-1

Week 7 – the week that PIAF opened! Crazy busy weekend, but I took a few photos of bunting and dusky skies at the Festival’s opening concert. My mum also brought me a bucket of homegrown dahlias and I took 20 mins to play around with them and take a few photos. This 20 min break was so beneficial for my state of mind, it allowed me a few minutes breather and focus on myself when work was feeling all consuming.

week 7-52 bunting-1 week 7-52 dahlia pink-1 week 7-52 dahlia stripes-1 week 7-52 dahlia vase-1 week 7-52 silouhettes 2-1

Week 8 – Perth Writers Festival weekend! The ONLY opportunities for photos were at a couple of Festival events but I managed a few and it seems appropriate that they form part of my weekly record.

week 8-52 brochures-1 week 8-52 bunting-1

Only one more week of photos to download and I’m up to date. I can’t believe February is over! It’s always a whirlwind for me but I’m looking forward to a slow start to Autumn, a few more warm days and a visit to the beach before it becomes too cold to swim.

x Katherine


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2016 in Photos Week 5/52

February 4, 2016

Week 5-52 dahlias-1

Week 5 of my weekly photography project to use my camera this year. I wasn’t sure I would even pick up my camera this week, life just escalated to a new level of business. My gorgeous five year old started full time school (sob, sob) and we all adjusted to me working full time. What a week. I’ve been working late into the night finishing artist contracts and trying to tie up all the loose ends before the Festival kicks off in a few weeks.

Week 5-52 E first day school-1

I was so proud of this beauty for starting her full time school life excited and with no tears. This is a big turning point for us both, last year I had to peel her off me when she started Kindergarten. She is so much more confident than last year, she has a gorgeous group of friends who she loves hanging out with and her wonderful teachers have made the transition so easy. My sister and I made the much agonised over decision to separate our girls into different classes this year so they would find their own voices and have confidence without each other (they are as thick as thieves and spend a LOT of time together). I worried about this on and off over the summer but both girls took it in their stride and thankfully their classrooms are right next to each other.

Week 5-52 magpie-1

This morning we had some visitors on our back deck, a young magpie and his parents checking out the backyard and singing to us. The girls though it was fantastic, the dog was not so sure! This little guy brought back some lovely memories from my childhood – of feeding friendly maggies that would visit us each day for bits of sausage or other kitchen scraps.

Week 5-52 purple dahlia-1

My mum dropped off two armfuls of dahlias from her garden this week, so many beautiful colours and varieties. I wish I had more time to faff with them, but I managed a few quick photos. I wasn’t sure I would have any photos or any words to share this week but I managed to find both more easily than I thought, and with it a few moments just for me.

x Katherine