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Mini Room Makeover

May 17, 2016

week 21 - coco birthday-1

My baby turned three on Sunday. What a bittersweet moment that was. She was super excited to be turning ‘free and cementing her status as a big girl. She requested a cake that was half chocolate, half strawberry and half ‘nilla (vanilla) and I went into cake making overdrive. I stayed up half the night making my take on a three layered neapolitan cake. It was so worth the late night when she saw it the next morning. She was as proud as punch of her birthday cake and pretty excited to show it off. read more

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April #Fridayfaffingcompetition winner

May 11, 2016

It’s taken me ages to agonise over a winner for April’s #fridayfaffingcompetition, there are just too many beautiful entries. You are all making it very hard for me! Before I announce the lucky winner of the beautiful vase from Winterwares I want to share a few more of the gorgeous images that caught my attention last month.

These mouthwatering food images are by: @circleofpines, @borrowed_salt, @alisaanton, @mangelka


And these four lovely photos with their pops of blue/green really made me swoon: @wezyrnezycie, @threadofastory, @angelasteynandco, @simmykins


But the time has come to announce the winner for April.  So without further ado, it gives me great pleasure to announce @traceyc1968 as the winner for her beautiful image below. I love the tones, the mix of vintage items and the addition of the green apples. Lovely composition Tracey! Please email me your details when you get a moment to A big thanks to Simone from Winterwares for sponsoring April’s prize and everyone who joins in each week. I love seeing your beautiful images filling up the hashtag.


x Katherine




March winners #fridayfaffingcompetition

April 6, 2016

Each month it is so hard to pick a winner for #fridayfaffingcompetition, the images are all so beautiful. I spend ages scrolling the hashtag just drinking in the gorgeousness.

One of the things I love about this community is how many people join in each week and how inspiring it is to see the different photos that are produced. Before announcing the winners I wanted to share some of the beautiful images that jumped out at me each time I scrolled the hashtag. Check out their beautiful galleries for more of their stunning images.

For vibrant and rich colours I loved these four by:

@wezyrnezycie  @_scarlett.l @lilas1123 @renukostyle


For whimsy and prettiness I loved these images by:

@mogtheforgetfulcat @runnerkimhall @yardagedesign @merrymaman


For moody compositions I loved these by:

@okishimasimmonds @the_warehouse_at_woodside @totallybydesign @catherine_frawley


This month the prize was sponsored by the lovely folks at Old English Company who have the most divine collection of stationery, house items and prints featuring their beautiful lettering and design. Because it was too hard to select just one winner this month we have two winners who will win one each of these gorgeous tea towels – I fell in love with these tea towels as soon as I saw them.

The two winning images are:

This sweet little easter image created by @vanillalemoncake, I love everything about it – from the colour palette to the flowers to those stunning turquoise eggs.


And this stunning image by @lunaa80 for its elegance and composition.


Congratulations to you both, please send me an email to and I will organise for you prize to be sent out to you.

Thank you to everyone who joined in this month and I can’t wait to see your images for April.

x Katherine

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Instagram Inspiration

March 8, 2016

week 10 - pink roses 2-1

Let’s talk about Instagram. It’s my favourite place to while away any spare time I have and one of the things I love most about IG is the incredibly supportive community you find there. This year I will have been an active ‘grammer for three years and during that time I’ve followed lots of hubs and challenges looking to extend my photo taking skills. But my favourite of all the communities I belong to is its_my_week.

There are a few reasons I love this hub so much.  Firstly, and most importantly I guess, is that I am one of the co-hosts of this weekly challenge. There are fifteen of us who share hosting duties and the way our group works is that we take turns hosting a week in rotation. This week I’m hosting and the theme I’ve chosen is #myweekofslowliving. We ask people to spend the week sharing new photos that relate to this theme and we then feature images that catch our eye during the week.

It’s great having a week to explore a theme, this means that you can play with ideas or techniques in more detail than if you were participating in a daily challenge. I found when I was doing a photo a day challenge in the past that some days I wouldn’t have time to take any photos while there was light left. Because there are 15 of us and we choose our own theme for the week we host, it means the variety of themes is huge. We’ve covered everything from photography techniques (such as composition, depth of field, abstract photography) to colours. Some weeks are really challenging, particularly if the theme is out of your comfort zone, but the community that belongs to this hub is very supportive of people trying new things.

One of the other things I love about our hub is that it is a great source of inspiration. I’m constantly blown away by how many incredible photographers there are who take part each week. When I’m hosting I usually find a handful of new accounts each time to follow as a result of scrolling the hashtag. So if you are in need of some new inspiring accounts to follow go check out the Its_my_week page and some of the features we showcase.

This week we are focusing on slow living, taking a moment to stop and appreciate the small details in these hectic lives of ours. This is one of the grids that I made from images that were tagged to the hashtag #myweekofslowliving, if you get a chance check out their beautiful accounts: @_susandrea_@agata_louie@nan_iga@poppybarach


Do you know the best bit about hosting with its_my_week? It’s the seriously amazing co-hosts that I share this experience with. These ladies are the bees knees. For real.  Since we started this hub almost two years ago we chat daily about everything from our families to our jobs to things that make us laugh or cry. We spend a lot of time on whatsapp checking in with each other, having emoji conversations, and inspiring one another. While we are spread across the globe I have had the privilege of meeting the other Aussie hosts last year and I’m sure it is only a matter of time before we coordinate a global instameet for the whole group.

x Katherine


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Inspiration and the making of an image

January 15, 2016

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Are you addicted to Pinterest? I was a mad pinner when it first launched, though this was before I became addicted to Instagram. When I discovered Instagram I reasoned that I could only handle one social media addiction at a time and something had to give. So I said goodbye to all those DIYs I pinned for joining crochet squares, sewing quilts and designing impressive birthday cakes and channelled all my spare time into composing photos to be shared in square format.

In the last few months I’ve rekindled my love of Pinterest, and check in every week or so to see what’s doing the rounds, or if I’m looking for a quick inspiration hit.

Lately I’ve been enjoying pinning plants and greenery to a board I’ve been really original in naming Greenery. I can’t get enough green and white together at the moment, either by bringing plants inside or through imagery using those colours.

It was while I was skimming through Pinterest picking up bits of green and white here and there that I got an idea in my mind for a composition I wanted to put together and photograph. For me there are two ways that I come up with ideas – either I have a prop, like a teacup or some fresh flowers that I want to play with, and I just play around with no specific idea in mind until something works. Or alternatively, I set out with an idea in mind that I want to create, usually sparked by something I’ve seen either online or while flipping through a magazine. When I created the image above it was a combination of both methods. I had been given this beautiful ceramic platter from my mother for Christmas and I really wanted to use it in a composition. I also really wanted a pop of green and white in my Instagram feed. I started to gather bits and pieces as I walked through the house, a few postcards I’d been sent or collected, some vintage green cotton reels and some beautifully weathered pegs. I decided the contrast of the contemporary ceramic platter with the vintage props would work well. I also had one of my favourite flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace, growing in the garden and that would provide my fresh pop of green. I knew I’d probably only share the image on Instagram so I decided to use my iphone for the photo rather than my camera. I think flatlays are much easier to compose using the iphone and the quality is generally pretty good.

I was really happy with the first image I took, but thought I would also try one photo without the ceramic platter below. As it turns out I like them both equally.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I find Pinterest a really good tool to gather inspiration, I’ve shot a few images for other people recently and it has been helpful to make a board that I can share with them to show the type of image I’m hoping to create.  Who do you follow on Pinterest? I’d love to find some great boards or pinners to follow, come and say hello over there if you feel like it Katherine Dorrington

x Katherine